Limit Squared Up Monitor Title to specific objects


I used the monitor tile to get the monitors I created for a custom computer class.
It works well, but I’d like to limit the output to only one specific instance of that computer class.

Is that possible?

Can’t see your scope, but you can create a group, put your computer instance in that group and then add the group to your scope.

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Rather than creating a group in SCOM (which causes unnecessary load), use the advanced scope, and specify criteria.

For example, enter the class the monitor targets into the class box, then in the criteria field enter:

DisplayName = ‘


Path = ‘

You can use any properties that have been discovered by SCOM for the class of object you want to use. You can confirm what’s available by viewing the Monitored Entity perspective on an object of that class.

This method is far more efficient as it does not require additional group calculation within SCOM or any MP changes, just to create a single tile.

More info:


Bottekott, thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Jelly, it worked great! Thank you !!

Exactly as bottekott has written. Use the class to select the type of object and the group to limit the selected entities; if you only want a single item then just make a group with a single member.

Great idea - totally missed that as an option. :slight_smile: