Limiting Indexed Objects - SCOM Data source

The data sources in SquaredUp by default index all objects of the types described in the Add Data Source panel.

In the case of SCOM, these are the classes that are mapped from SCOM.

The SCOM data source utilizes the service account the relay runs as in order to access SCOM objects via a Read Only Operator role, which is typically granted access to all objects.

In some environments this can be a large amount of objects and can exceed object limits assigned to a license.

In order to trim down the objects that are indexed, you can simply adjust the SCOM role to only use a group (or groups) that have the subset of objects you are interested in indexing into Cloud.

You must ensure that the group contains the Microsoft System Center Data Warehouse object, as this is used by the data source to determine the data warehouse connection string. This can be added via a dynamic scope with the Microsoft System Center Data Warehouse class, using regex and a wildcard .* as shown below:


Note: The indexing of computer objects also indexes the child disk and network objects. Similarly, adding Enterprise Applications will index the availability, map, and dependency objects, along with their child objects. There are similar approaches with the other types shown in the first screenshot, but these are less object heavy.

Bear in mind that if you use any Custom Classes, you will also need to include objects in the group.

And if you see this message on your tiles:

It’s because you haven’t added the data warehouse object mentioned above!

Any questions or comments, let us know!

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