Limiting Indexed Objects - VMware Datasource

The data sources in SquaredUp by default index all objects of the types described in the Add Data Source panel.

In the case of VMware, these are the resources that are mapped from vSphere.

The VMware data sources utilities an account created in vSphere, added to a group, which is then granted permission with a role to the resources.


Whilst the documentation is not specific as to where the permission should be applied, we typically see customers applying this to the top level, and propagating the permission to all child objects.

In some environments this can be a large amount of objects and can exceed object limits assigned to a license.

In order to trim down the objects that are indexed, you can simply apply the group’s read-only role to a subset of resources. This includes not checking the “Propagate to children” check box, and manually defining which resources you require.

For example, selecting data center, hosts, and storage objects, but not propagating down to the virtual machines themselves.

This does mean that some data streams in SquaredUp will no longer have target objects and will be unusable. i.e. any data streams that target virtual machines in the example above.

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