Linux Management Packs

We are looking into options to better utilize SCOM to monitor Linux. Anybody have any experience with 3rd party MP’s for Linux. We already have the MS ones imported just looking into options for what is out there.

Hi Rick,

you might well guess that we have come across a number of MPs…

However many died when SCOM change the Linux Agent in SCOM 2012 R2 from OpenPegasus to OMI. This required to develop new providers in C or C++ which most vendors (SuSE and RedHad/IBM) have not done (yet).

With SCOM 2019 you have the option to use FluentD and all its capabilities but also complexities. In the end it comes down to what you like to monitor. Most customers still use the Linux Authoring Library designed once by Krish Bash.

We have a couple of customer we developed specialized Linux MPs for - also to monitor applications.

But all boils down to use the open interfaces from OMI and the Providers:

Feel free to ping me.