List All Monitors and Rules for specific Agent\Computer

Hello Everyone,

My name is Edwio, and im new here.

I’ve been SCOM Admin for many years now.,
And I still belive that i have a lot to learn :).

One question that i get asked frequently in scom is:
“How can i see all the monitors and rules running on my computer?”

And to be honset,
Even now, i can’t recommend an easy solution for this question.

I can run a ps command to list all avalible Monitor/Rules,
But at the cost of impacting CPU and SDK performanc on the MS.

Or i can use the “Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service”

But in both options,
At the end, i get a very very non friendly csv/html file.
And No! opening it in Excel, isn’t friendly as well.

And dont let me start talking about MPAuthr,
(which is awesome but cost money)


I would be very happy to hear from your experiences on this subject.
Is there an easy way that you recommend?
Any suggestions , will be welcome.


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Hi Edwio,


since we’re doing IT there will be always new things to learn; but that keeps our job interesting :wink:

To your questions. For me "Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service” does the job quiet well.

What kind of information or format do you expect? What is friendly for you?




Thanks for the quick reply Ruben,
I’m also in IT, because of that new developments in this area.Specially now the Cloud


Regarding the information i’m expecting to get,
I’m just thinking, what is the easiest way for accomplish that?

When i’m getting the csv/html file from the “Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service” task,
Its very complicated to understand, not to mention all the workflow underneath a certain Object Display Name.

Can you honestly give that file to someone,
And expect him to understand which monitor and rules running on his server?

Got your point. Perhaps you can go for another approach.

Fox example: If it is just a normal windows server, you open Management Pack for Windows Servers and export all Unit Monitors and Rules to Excel and show it the user.

There is a tool named “MPViewer” which can do that in a human readable format:

I’m well aware of this tool, use it a lot :slight_smile:

But the downside with this tool,
Is that all the monitoring and rules that include in the given MP are displayed.
Not only the once running.

I tend to use Squared up’s ’show all monitors and rules’ to determine if a rule or monitor is being actually executing on a device which gives an easy picture view. Other than that the “Show Running Rules and Monitors for this Health Service” task does the trick if you export to txt and do a ’find’ on a keyword.

But i think this is something that really could be expanded upon .

Maybe a version of MP-Viewer that could hook directly to an agent and provide the same exportable format would be possible

Perhaps you can try if Tyson Paul’s script works for you:

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Thanks Ruben, i didn’t know about this script.
Have you notice CPU/SDK impact when running this script?
Does it output all the running monitor and rules?

Hi Edwio,

I haven’t tested the script, but I trust that Tyson made a proper one :wink:
If you experience high load I think this is acceptable.

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Most of the time show running rules and monitors for this health service helped me a lot to get details of monitoring for specific server. If you go with MP, we can filter out enabled column and see what monitors or rules have been enabled.


Did anyone tried ExportEffectiveMonitoring script? Wanted to know how the output looks like :slight_smile: