Load balancing the SCOM management servers used by SquaredUp

When you deploy SquaredUp you configure the SCOM management server it should use. If that management server is down as part of maintenance or an issue then SquaredUp is effectively down. What schemes are you using to address this? Is there an option to abstract the management server being a load balancing appliance so it directs SquaredUp to a known management server that is up in a pool? Anyone using this today and any gotchas or issues seen so far?


Squared Up connects to the System Center Data Access Service on the SCOM management server, and this can be load balanced as normal through NLB or some other load balancer.

A couple of tips:

  1. You'll need to setup your Service Principal Names (SPNs) for the load balancer address to enable Kerberos authentication to work.
  2. There is plenty of advice online related to load balancing management servers for the SCOM Web Console and for the SCSM (Service Manager) Console. In general, all of the same advice applies to Squared Up with SCOM.
For example, this blog has a full walkthrough of setting up load balanced management servers for the SCSM console (including SPNs). It's the same setup for Squared Up with SCOM, except of course configuring the new load balanced management server address in Squared Up.

Thanks RichB.

I must look into this setup.