Logs folder problem with Citrix Logon Simulator


I have following problem with “Task Result” in SquaredUp portal under “Logon Simulator Monitor”.

Task result for “View Last Logon Result”, gives error:


At the test server the folder name is “Logs” (not Log):


So there is difference somewhere in the configuration, and this is why it does not find it?

Is this bug? Where could I change this?

I solved this on my own.

Open Community.Citrix.LogonSimulator.mpb with MP Author - editor. Save as XML file. Open XML file with Notepad and modify line:

Get-Content $ConfigurationPath\Log$TestName\sflauncher.log</ScriptBody>


Get-Content $ConfigurationPath\Logs$TestName\sflauncher.log</ScriptBody>


Import as new management pack (before this delete the original MP).

Now the task works fine.