Looking to create an Exchange dashboard with performance counters...

I’m trying to set this up and having a hard time finding these counters in SUP. For example, I’m getting the Exchange ones as part of the Exchange objects via the Exchange MP, but can’t seem to find the ones in this article:


I’d like to set up a grouping of sorts in a dashboard for each of the sets:


Exchange Domain Controller Connectivity Counters

Then list these out in a dash:

MSExchange ADAccess Domain Controllers(*)\LDAP Read Time

MSExchange ADAccess Domain Controllers(*)\LDAP Search Time

MSExchange ADAccess Processes(*)\LDAP Read Time

MSExchange ADAccess Processes(*)\LDAP Search Time


Then have one for Processor and Process Counters and so on…

I can’t seem to find out how to locate the MSExchange ADAccess…etc in Squared Up quick find on a performance tile and then in advanced I’m kinda lost there even further.


Any ideas?



Yes they are there. In fact I see them under the Performance perspective of an Exchange Server in a complete list. However, I can't find them when I pick out individual ones that I care about. I'll attach some screenshots...

How do I take some of these below…

And display them into a dashboard…

Can you find these counters in the Exchange MP via the SCOM console (Authoring > Rules)? Are they enabled?