Maintenance Mode Dash board showing Comments

We currently have a tile dashboard showing all machines in MM which works but now looking to upgrade. We would like to be able to see Comments people put in for why a machine is in MM how long it is in MM for would be a nice to have but the reason is the current ask. Anyone done this in he current build of Squared up?


You could maybe try something like this as a SQL dashboard. You would need to add the connection to the Ops Manager Database though as by default, the connection is to the DataWarehouse.

If you don’t need the “Reason Code” then you could chop out a lot of that.

I’m also going to have a look at this as this would be useful for us.

Don’t forget to ensure the ’ character is correct if copying/pasting as they tend to paste as a different character and so the sql will fail.


Hi Rick,

Maybe I have misunderstood what you are after, as I have just come across an earlier post on this from yourself, which was answered with the same query (

That query already contains the comments. Are you after something different?


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