Make a phone call with the command channel

Anyone have any experience in making a phone call through the command channel?

We have a 3G modem for alerting on our most critical alerts with SMS, but would also like to place a phone call when our “most most” critical alerts trigger.

We’ve sent a message to our landline and mobile providers to hear if they have any solutions, but I figured I could hear here aswell.

We’re heavy sleepers, so a simple SMS rarely wakes us up :slight_smile:


We did this in our early days of SCOM. One of the guys created a command channel that kicked off a powershell script that dialed into our Skype For Business system and played back a preset message that he recorded.

Was great until I got a 4am message with his voice…

We decomissioned that method, I still have the powershell script. But I can’t figure out how it worked – my SfB knowledge isn’t there and it’s not obvious in the script.

One idea is to install Skype and then use the API to trigger off a phone call? Similar concept to how we done it, but using the normal skype version (not Skype for Business/Lync).


We’re using ‘Sysman’ for this. - Works nicely over a few years now.

More on:


Are you able to trigger the call via PowerShell (maybe via REST API?)

No that I am aware of. I’ve tried googling around and checking the manual.

There are plenty of providers for this ( for one), but I’ve not heard / seen anyone do this outside of a paid for tool :frowning: