Make Icon or other Tiles scrollable

Hello, I’m looking for an option to setup an Icons tile as scrollable.

We use this tile to list all servers in maintenance mode, generally only has a handful of servers but it can grow pretty large at times.

I’d like to hard set the size of the tile and then provide a scroll bar once objects expand beyond.

I do see this as option with the Web Content tiles>display “enable scrolling”, but not for Icons.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Hey Wallace,

This isn’t currently possible as the status tile just doesn’t support the functionality you’ve requested. You can limit the results via the Sort panel, but this doesn’t give you any option to click “more” or scroll further. I’d recommend raising this as a feature request with the Support team.

One option may be to use the PowerShell or SQL tiles to request the data in tabular form, which would then give you the option to limit the results and then “show all” for the rest:


Depending on what you need to pull back, this may well be a better solution, as you can display any of the information you require from maintenance mode, and even use conditional formatting to show a simple view of health, and will give you the ability to search the table for data in the table also:


Hey thanks for the quick reply!

We’ll look into using a SQL tile, but I think using the status/icons is best for our current use.

Will look into raising a feature request.

Thanks again.