Matrix tile does not show in OpenAccess dash.

Good evening!

I’ve made a dash for our Info-hub. In the lower part of the screen, I have used the Matrix tile. When i publish the dashboard to Open Access, the Matrix til is not showing at all.

Is there an easy fix? Or is the Matrix tile not supported with OA dash?

Kind regards Stian H.

Matrix tile is supported in Open Access. I think what may be happening is the screenshot is being taken too early.

Troubleshooting here (scroll down to the v4 section):

My advice: Upgrade to v5 - Troubleshooting OA in v4 is a pain to say the least, plus you get interactive Open Access dashboards in v5. Caveat: v5 release candidate came out Tuesday this week. General Availability will be mid-January.

Upgrade details:

Release notes:


Thank’s, Jelly, for your reply! I’m not sure I can do the upgrade these days. Our student do their exams nowadays. We really like to monitor our services especially in these weeks in high demand. I’ll take a backup of all SU folders. However; is there an tested method for a rollback or reinstall using a copy of the folder prior to the upgrade?

Maybe I’ll go old-school and make a bare metal disaster recovery image.

Kind regards Stian

Backup and restore docs: - it’s super easy to upgrade, though down to preference. If you’re on Enterprise or above, you’ll have a test/dev license to test upgrades with. Or, if you want to try a side-by-side upgrade first, that’s also an option. Either way, plenty of choices and support are available to assist you. Read the docs!

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Also, check that KB for troubleshooting open access. It will solve your problem, there’s just a better OA in v5. Speak to support if you run into issues!