Matrix Tile - edit predefined perspective for Logical Disk. Used Space Bar

Is it possible to edit a predefined perspective for the Matrix Tile? I've got a donut tile that is scoped to a group of servers and class logical disk. This drills down into a predefined matrix tile that I can't edit - I'd like to add a path column so that I can see server names.

Also, while I’m at it, why does the ‘Used Space’ bar never seem to be populated?

Hit custom and just edit the json - The webinar and docs are decent, it’s pretty easy to use!

Coffee break webinar:


If there’s no data, check if there is any when viewing the metric on the object (click into it). If there is, then there’s something wrong with the matrix tile; if there isn’t, then there’s likely something wrong with the collection. Flush the health cache on the agent.

I can’t edit the matrix tile that I end up on when I drill into the Donut tile - there isn’t a cog icon to edit it. (Webinar and docs are very good btw!).

I can’t drill into the ‘Used Space’ metric, I can’t click into it.

Ah apologies, I see what you mean. In the webinar, they talk about creating new row perspectives and using the rank to change the priority of what’s chosen when viewing objects of certain classes. Failing that: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv4\User\Packages\Everyone\Perspectives\rows - I don’t know if changes to these will persist during upgrades though