Matrix with custom Sparklines


I want to create a Matrix Dashboard with some custom defined colums.

I have selected a class where I have some performance Monitors

All Instances should be visible with these performance Counters:


<ObjectName>HeapMemory Used</ObjectName>
<CounterName>HeapMemory Used %</CounterName>


No I want to list this value in a colume in my matrix:

		"_type": "celltile/status",
		"title": "State"
		"title": "HeapMemory Committed",
		"_type": "celltile/scomperf-as-sparkline",
		"config": {
			"display": {
				"height": 30,
				"width": 120,
				"labelTemplate": "{{ ( value ? Math.round(value) + 'MB' : '-' ) }}"
			"source": {
				"objectname": " HeapMemory Used",
				"countername": "HeapMemory Used %",
				"Instance": "{{properties.instanceName}}"

But no value is displayed

where is the error?




I’m not entirely sure that the property in the instance field will be accepted like this, but you may just need a transform:

See this page: (search for Transform)


Thank you for answer.

I have found some other information. Instance should not be neccessary. But also without Instance I don’t get any data.