Maximum number of characters of override Value

Hello Community,

I plan to create a discovery which will be dynamically adjusted by an override. It could happen that the override value become very large (more than 5000 characters).

Does anyone know if SCOM has problems with such large data or if there is a character limit?

Example XML:
<DiscoveryConfigurationOverride ID=”IDName” Context=”SystemCenter!Microsoft.SystemCenter.ManagedComputer” Enforced=”false” Discovery=”DiscoveryName” Parameter=”ParameterName” Module=”DS”> <Value>?max value?</Value></DiscoveryConfigurationOverride>

Hi Sebastian,


I never had the need to store so much data here, but according to the following source it should be fine. / SCOM 2007 so will work for higher versions, too.

Optional attribute. Pertains only to properties of type string. Defines the length of the string value. Value must be between 1 and 65,536 inclusively.

Hope it helps.