Microsoft 365 Management Pack Dashboard

We started to use the Microsoft 365 Management Pack which is released a few months back. In the scom environment we see the data but the default squaredup dashboards aren’t working.
We are getting the error:
“An object of class ManagementPackClass with ID b4246757-2b6a-0375-78eb-cef5c3246f98 was not found.” on all of the 365 dashboards. Something is missing in the dashboards. Where do I get the correct ID to fix the dashboards?

If memory serves there were some changes between Office 365 and M365 Beta and between the Beta and the Release resulting in different class ids.

I think that there were dashboard packs produced for each of them, so try to validate that you have the correct dashboard pack for the version you have imported. I don’t actually know how you would do that other than making sure that you have the latest version of both.

Failing that you should be able to pull the IDs of the classes that you have imported using the Shell and ‘Get-SCOMClass -ManagementPack’. Untested (I don’t use that MP) but I think the following should get you going:

Get-SCClass -ManagementPack (Get-SCManagementPack -Name *M365*) | Select id, Displayname

From there try and select the Ids that seem the most likely to be replacements in the dashboards. Hopefully you’ll eventually stop seeing errors.