Migrate SquaredUp dashboards

Hello everyone!

I want to know how can I migrate SquaredUp (with all my dashboards) from one server to another? For example, I used my license at test server and now want to move license and all content to another server in production environment.

Of course, if it possible.

Licenses only have a certain number of activations. Best to contact support as the test license only has one.

Dashboards and perspectives can be migrated from the …\squaredupv3\user\packages\ location. The Everyone pack is where all published dashboards and perspectives are saved (accurate with version 3.2 and below) and you can migrate the whole pack to the new instance.

Profiles are the navigation bar and permissions …\squaredupv3\user\profiles\ These would need to be copied across if these were configured.

Things like OMS configuration, API connections etc. cannot be migrated. These are stored in encrypted files and will need to be re-added to the new instance. This being a test license, this doesn’t apply as these features are not present. Just for reference for anyone else.


  • BIGGIE – Version 2 dashboards (.xml format) will NOT work on version 3. Migration tool can be found on the download site
  • Once copied, a recycle of the Squared Up application pool is required, as all existing dashboards and perspectives are cached to memory on application start
  • This may not be the case in future releases – As mentioned above, this will work for 3.2 and below (down to 3.0)
  • Drafts are stored in individual user packs in ..\squaredupv3\User\Packages\Username – These will not be moved across and usually, it’s best not to, as these are likely junk and build up over time (most users don’t clear their drafts)
  • Open Access mappings cannot be migrated. Again, the Test license does not include this feature
  • Community packs can be migrated, but it might be worth just re-importing them in the new instance
  • Dashboards and perspectives that use object IDs for scope will not work properly if moved to a new instance of Squared Up where the SCOM management group is different
Any issues, drop support a line for full guidance.

I think you could get the best help in this matter of you contact the Squaredup support team: [email protected].
I think you have get a new licensekey to reactivate it on the new server.