Misrepresented SCOM Alerts on Squared Up

Squared up is not reporting SCOM alerts accurately.

Alerts are sometimes delayed, inaccurate or not showing on the overview page.

This has been apparent for several devices and they will not self clear.

Example, A No Ping Critical SCOM alert is represented as an cross with standby icon in SquaredUp

Has anyone experienced this with SquaredUp 3.3.0 and/or are such issues resolved with latest version 3.3.5 ?

I’ve not seen this is any of the deployments I’ve managed - This sounds like a question for support.


Please can you edit your question to show some screenshots to see if we can’t figure out what’s wrong?

This may be explained by the difference between alerts and object health state in SCOM.

The circle icon on a Squared Up dashboard represents a SCOM alert. You should find that if the alert is closed, it disappears from the dashboard.

The square icon on a Squared Up dashboard represents the SCOM object health state. Closing an alert does not affect the object health state. The health state is maintained independently by SCOM and is based on the status of monitors.

The confusion comes because monitors typically raise alerts - so you end up with an alert and an unhealthy object.

The square icon with a cross and a standby icon in Squared Up represents an object that is currently offline / unavailable whose last known health state was critical. The icon doesn’t represent the alerts that are currently open.

Here are a few blogs that may help:




Hope this helps!

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Are you talking about a “Failed to Connect to Computer” alert that comes as a result of a diagnostic task, which fires after a Heartbeat Failure?

If so - don’t surface those in SquaredUp. They can get stranded if you have a scenario where the HB failure clears before the diagnostic task (pinging the agent by name) completes. We had to change ours to only show HB failure, and have the FTC’s roll to a queue for SCOM admins to run the task to clear.

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Thanks. I will try and get this clarified with screenshots as soon as I can. It’ll help everyone explain if it is normal behaviour or we are not doing something correctly

Thanks for the information. This may point us in the right direction. I’ll try and post screenshots of the queries raised

Not specific to “Failed to Connect to Computer” alert but we do see those alerts too. Is it possible you could detail how you actioned the changes so we can possibly do the same to avoid issues