“Missing Y-Axis column” for Line graph? Here’s how to fix it

You might be trying to create a line graph but instead of line graph, did you get a confusing message about a “Missing Y-Axis Column”?


You might see all the right columns in your data section: a date time column and another column with values. But still, you get the above message. Because the values (Y-axis) column might not have the kind of number the graph needs. It might have string data type instead of number data type.

Here is how to fix it:

  1. From the data section, hover over the column name that should have values for Y-axis.


  1. Look for the shape and check what it displays. If it says shape_string, then you would need to change it to shape_number.

  1. Go to the tile configuration pane and find the columns section at bottom.

  1. Change the data type from String to Number.

With this change in data type, your line graph should be ready.