Modify height Visio tile

Is there any way to limit the height of the Visio tile?

I have tried to modify the JSON with the “height” parameter in the Display node, but it does not seem to accept the parameter when applying.

Now the Visio is taking up the whole screen when adding a svg. Would be great if we can limit the height and add additional tiles below

I looked at my swg and it adjust the height relative to the width so if you adjust the width of the column where the swg is located the height is adjust.

I can solve it by adding empty tiles to both sides of the Visio.

When you do that, you cannot add multiple tiles in a grid layout below the Visio from the browser.

But using the JSON, I can workaround this.

That is the problem :slight_smile: The swg always takes all the space it can get.
I want to limit that so that I have still enough room on my dashboard to add Alert or Performance Tiles.

I have put my swg in the left column and then added tiles to the right of it that is smaller and then put the wide tiles below those.

This is detailed in the Visio troubleshooting article: - The SQUP knowledge base is pretty comprehensive :slight_smile: