Monitor alerts not closing

We are noticing that we have some monitor alerts that are not closing. We follow a procedure where when an alert comes in it get a ticket generated in our ticketing system then a member of the NOC team adds that into ticket ID and sets the status to acknowledged so anyone looking at a dash board can know it is being handled already. We have noticed that several of these alerts for disk space etc are not closing out when the condition has been corrected. If I go in and look at it in the console and run the health explorer it is showing as the situation has cleared. Resetting the alert does not close it. Has anyone seen this. I know better than to close a monitor but I would think you could set it to acknowledged with no issues.

Figured out what happened had people fixing issue and then going and changing status of the alert. They crossed path with the auto closing. So they fixed the issue SCOM closed the alert and Squared Up had not yet refreshed in that 60 second window they changed the status which reset the status of the alert to resolved or acknowledged.