Monitor and Alert on CPU Usage over Time

Just been reading through on some blogs and articles on the above but it seems to have more people confused with different people interpreting things differently.

Can someone please assist me or pass a good resource that can help me setting up alert notifications on servers whose CPU stay at or above 90% for 15min etc.

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A always, Kevin Holman has a good walktrough :slight_smile:

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Looking at the Overrides on the Monitor you can set the Number of Samples for instance to 3 (default).

Since its Interval is 900 sec (15 min) then this wont generate an alert before the server has been above 95% for 3 consecutive(average) samples. Meaning that it can stay for 15min x 3samples = 45 mins Before it alerts.

In your case I would Override the interval to 5 mins. Then you get 5min x 3 samples = 15 min Before it generates an alert.

Hi Peter,
I have SCOM2012R2 so not sure if this can help.
Also I may have missed the part it explains how i set up the consecutive samples alerts.
it mentioned it but did not explain on how to get it done.


I was thinking about this as well but there are forums which say that this will not work.

But I am prepared to give it a go.

Thanks Peter