Monitor > Blocks newbie question

Is there a way to “wrap” or have multiple columns when using the Monitor > Blocks widget/tile?

Currently the tile looks like just a list of the blocks.

Hey, you mean like this?

You can change the number of columns in the tile settings.

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Yeah Badger, that is what I would like. However any changes to the number of columns does not appear to “wrap the blocks” for me, only changes the block “size”.

It would appear that each “row” is associated with the server the monitor is running on. Therefore increasing the column size doesn’t break up the rows, just add more columns if more monitors were to be added.

That’ll be down to how it groups the monitors by the object that it targets. The monitor tile needs some improvements - I’d highly recommend reaching out to the support team to add to you to the feature request for the improvements!

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Hey Scott,

From the screenshot you sent looks like there is only one monitor for the scope you’ve chosen so number of columns won’t make a difference. Note that it’s the different monitors that get blocks and monitors for different objects have different sections.

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