Monitor frequency... couple of questions

I noticed there’s a “frequency” option when I set up a tile monitor. I get what it does, but does a refresh count as a data query and count against my plan limits? More frequently, more queries etc.

Also, for things like cost in Azure, this only changes once per day, at midnight UTC I believe… is there a way to get the monitor to always refresh at a specific time i.e. just after the Azure data would be fresh?

Hi, yes monitoring counts towards your data query limit. Each monitoring check normally costs the same as showing the data in a tile. So more frequent checks will use more of your allowance.

You can monitor your usage in the Plan and Usage page at, which updates in near real time (on page reload).

It’s not currently possible to specify a time for a monitor check. For a data source that updates daily a check interval of 4 to 6 hours might give a reasonable balance between timely updates and avoiding redundant checks.

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Thanks for the info Andy, much appreciated. A more advanced scheduler is certainly a nice to have, but I can live with making the checks happen every few hours :+1: