Monitor if server loses connection to a share

We to monitor if a 2008 R2 server loses connection to a nas share and alert on it. Is there anyway to do this?

  • Being honest I think the main issue was that they were using a local account to the server as a service account and expecting it to have rights to have stable rights to the NAS. We have fixed that and switched them to a domain account and it is looking better but if that connection goes down for any reason then it is an issue for the application so management has ask if we can monitor for that.

One quick-and-dirty way of doing it is to set up a monitor to monitor the presence of a file on the NAS, and alert if it is unavailable. I’m not sure if an agent can be put on the NAS.

If an agent can’t be put on the NAS, then a network device/Ping alert might suffice. Alternatively, if a URL is present on the NAS, then a url monitor for that.

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I created a management pack for this.

Basically, it works like this:

You have to create a key on the server of which you want to monitor the shares. In that registry key, you create string values which contain the Displayname (f.e. CRM Share) and the UNC Share (f.e. \server1\crmshare$) you want to monitor. The discovery will pick this up and thus the server on which you create the key will become the perspective for that specific UNC share. Defining multiple shares is ofcourse possible.

This allows you to monitor shares that are not hosted on a Windows Computer (f.e. a NAS device). The monitor that evaluates the availability of the share uses a seperate run as profile so you can define different accounts per share. It evaluates two things basically: wether or not the UNC path can be reached, and if it has access to it.

If you are interested I’ll upload it and provide the link.




Why does it loose Connection to the share? is the nas it self unavailable?

Can we get a link if this is still available please?!

This just bubbled back up to the surface as something we need to do again. if this MP is still available can you post it please.