Monitor oracle DBA script in SCOM 2016


My company has asked me to monitor DBA script within SCOM. This has to run by a PowerShell script (triggered from a SCOM machine) to a oracle database. The log file of the script has to be saved on a shared disk. Also I need to get a alerts or events in SCOM if an oracle database gets under a certain limit (<10% disk space)

I haven’t found any information as of yet to monitor this. Is this even possible?

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Hi Kay,


would it be sufficient if we use SCOM to check the log file? Unless it is binary or encrypted we can check the content if it matches a specific pattern or if it contains some key words in a specified order.

We also could just check if the log file is current (last write time) or the size …


Regards to the Oracle DBs; we could check file or folder size and set it to relation of the disk where there are stored.


It might be possible to solve your requirement without really ‘touching’ Oracle.


If you need further ideas or support let us know. :wink:

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Hi Kay,


in this case perhaps this will work

  • Extend the PowerShell script to write events into the Windows Eventlog
  • Use SCOM to monitor the Eventlog of the machine that runs the PowerShell script
Here two URLs:

Please let me know if this could work or if you need more ideas / support.

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Hello Kay,


DId you find any solution for your requirement?




Hi Kay,


to better explain the problem it could help if you could provide a simple diagram of the environment to see where what runs at the moment. - Free layouts can be done with

Also it may help if you could post that script.

Why did the solution approach with the ‘event detection’ did not work out for you?



Have you looked into the MP available from NiCE?


I looked into the Nice MP. But sadly its not a community MP for free.
I am looking for a solution mp which doesn’t cost me anything.

Hello Ruben,

That wouldn’t be sufficient. The SCOM machine has to generate alerts based on the PowerShell script it runs on the targeted Oracle database. The logging of the script has to be saved on a shared disk. When an alert is generated (like the disk is < 10% storage) it sends a notification email to the helpdesk and also an email to the DBA’er.

Do you want me to send the PowerShell script we are using for this requirement?

Sounds like you already have a script - how much of the above is already taken care of by it? Do you have any scope to make changes to it (for example, if the log file path can’t be customised, so it could be written directly to the share by SCOM?) Is the script a health check script, or would you need to calculate the database metrics yourself after it runs?

Hello Rajesh,

Haven’t found any solution for my requirements as of yet.

Hey Ruben,

I tried your solution but the two URLs you send me didn’t fix my issue.

Have you got any other ideas how to fix this?