Monitor SharePoint site collections and quotas

Unless I’m missing something (likely), the SharePoint 2013 Management Pack doesn’t appear to monitor site collections. Has anyone got a workaround for this? Our SharePoint team keeps missing the storage quota being close to capacity even though they’ve configured alerts in the SharePoint admin console. Would be nice to have it on a dashboard with some graphs.

I have two ideas.

  1. If hitting the limit creates and eventlog entry you could create a rule / monitor that watches the logs and creates an alert:
  2. If there is no alert you could firstly install the SquaredUp PowerShell MP and use Powershell to create a monitor.

Please let me know if this helps.

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It’s most likely not in there.
What you could do is create your own script to monitor the quotas using the free powershell management pack.

Make sure you target it to the appropriate sharepoint class.