Monitor Status Against Visio Diagram

Is it possible to have the specific monitors status against a stencil on a visio diagram instead of the machine that has the Monitor against it?

I’m afraid the Visio integration only supports object health states, rather than specific monitors. As such, you’ll have to use the Monitors Tile if you want to surface the health of specific monitors on your dashboards.

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That’s a real shame! Hopefully it will come in the future, Thanks for quick reply. Is there a way to make the size of the Monitor indicator bigger? Seeing it on a TV is not very easy to read

There are ways around this, if you have an application discovery class created by a regkey (for example) and build the monitor against it then it will work.

This gives you the object health status mentioned and in effect allows the ‘status’ of individual monitors to be displayed – I’ve done it with a Windows service.


It’s all about how you save it in visio, when you save as SVG first select all your objects that way it will remove the white space around the objects and scale it better to fit the page

Did you manage to get the individual monitor working as described above?

No I wasn’t able to, and I mean instead of using the visio as said by crowdpleaser and use the Monitors Tile which is small green / red icons which is why I was looking to use Visio diagrams

This works. Thank you.