Monitor Users with event tracking

Hello, our hosting provider company uses squaredup to monitor some resources on servers we use for our application, the problem is that all counters that are recorded are setted to track with interval.

Here comes the problem for the two counters below, for example, let’s say a user connects to an rds or to iis and he disconnects earlier than the recording interval time, we will never see this connection of that user, right?

  • Remote Desktop Session Host -> Active Sessions
  • IIS Web Server -> Current Connections
This way when the value is changing the counter will be recorded without interval and we will able to capture all users that connects to our systems.

So is there any way to set recording with event tracking in these counters that are distinguishable?

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Hi Stavros,

It sounds as though you would need to apply an override (for interval) to the collection rules so that they collect more frequently. This has some down sides, such as collecting more data than required and slightly increased performance hit from the monitoring. So if you apply an override, ensure you apply it to only the objects you need to.

Let us know how you get on.



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Hi Jelly, thanks for your answer, to understand this correctly, basically you are saying that isn’t a way to track these changes as events (as sql profiler does), only by changing the interval window?

Outside of SCOM I’m unaware of a way to do this. If you can, as you say, have the connections create an event - then SCOM can collect them. I’m not sure if there’s a way to make this smart. i.e. to have an number increase / decrease based on a connect / disconnect event.