Monitoring ADSL networks in SCOM

In Solarwinds we monitoring a number of ADSL connections and the example below shows the traffic of the ADSL on interface IF-1.

After enabling the same IF-1 for monitoring in SCOM I dont get any stats.

Has anyone had any issues with monitoring ADSL performance in SCOM, it only seems to be this type of connection I cant get stats for, MPLS works fine.

Usually underneath this interface it would show me performance.



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still looking to know why i cant get stats for IF-1, IF-10, IF-11 ADSL interfaces in SCOM. They appear in SOLARWINDS Orion… anyone?

I’m not a networking guy, but did the SNMP account you used have access to the OIDs required? I’m not even sure if this is correct terminology :wink: If you managed to solve this, let us know how!