Monitoring domain expiry

I was looking for a way to monitor domain expiry dates with SquaredUp – to avoid the most embarrassing of failures :slight_smile:

I found this JSON API for domain info. It requires a sign-up to get an API key, but the free tier includes 1000 requests/month – enough for 30 or so domain monitors (don’t forget to set the monitor frequency to daily in SquaredUp).

It’s really simple to connect to this API and add domain info to your dashboards.

Web API settings:

  • Base URL:
  • Authentication: None
  • Headers: Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>

And then for the HTTP request:

  • Endpoint: <the domain name of interest>
  • HTTP method: GET
  • Path to data: domain
  • Check Expand inner objects to see all data in the result

I then used a script to setup a monitor on the Expiration Date In Time column.

The monitor script:

Script config:

  "columnName": "expiration_date_in_time",
  "errorDays": 30,
  "warningDays": 60

Don’t forget to set Advanced > Frequency to Daily to avoid blowing through the API quota!