Monitoring Exchange

Need to know the best way to monitor the Exchange environment with Squaredup ? Is there any documentation or video on this ?

Hi Kazi,

SquaredUp won’t monitor exchange, but SCOM will. Make sure to import the exchange management pack in SCOM and in SquaredUp you can simply import the dashboard pack for some starter dashboards.


Hello, thanks for the reply. Is that possible to add Exchange as a Distributed Application and see the uptime / SLA ?

Hi Kazi, Exchange comes with some builtin kind of Distrib App. Only think to do is to setup an SLA/SLO/SLT in SCOM. (Authoring pane, management pack objects - service level tracking).

@bcornelissen thanks for the reply, i’m actually trying to add Exchange as a Distributed application in Squardup. What are the core services to monitor Exchange for uptime , any suggestion ?