Monitoring Linux


We have a scom 1801 environment where we do linux monitoring with a DSA SSH certificate.

I need to migrate to a scom 2019 environment and the linux team want to use an RSA certificate in the new environment, so they put a new key on a test linux server. This server has now 2 keys.

I added the server in the SCOM 2019 environment with the new key, but got now an error on the certificate in our old 1801 environment.

How can I solve this problem, because in the time of migration, the need to be multihomed.



You need to export the certificate on each linux management server in 1801 that are part of the Linux Monitoring Reosurce Pool and import them on the corresponding 2019 linux Resource Pool. And then vice versa, 2019 to 1801.

All the Linux Management servers in both SCOM environments should have each others certs

Read the guide by Kevin Holman and the chapter:
Configure the Xplat certificates (export/import) for each management server in the pool