Monitoring of Lexmark MS610de on printer server


We are having sometimes issue on production that printers are not available, and a restart of the printer solves the issue. But we can’t find the root cause, we would like to monitor these Lexmark MS610de printers to help us find the cause.

What is the best way to have this printers monitored ? can we do that via de scom client on the printer server or should we create a ping test ?

I’m not the monitoring specialist but the responsible application manager, and need to give the monitoring team the correct instructions on what to set-up



I´m not sure how much you can do from the scomside here.
One thing you can do is create a powershell monitor that you target for the printserver that picks up when the printer is not ready. Somehting like this:
$ScomAPI = New-Object -comObject “MOM.ScriptAPI”
$PropertyBag = $ScomAPI.CreatePropertyBag()
$a = Get-Printer printername | select Name, PrinterStatus, JobCount
if ($a.printerstatus -eq “offline”]
{ $PropertyBag.AddValue(“State”,“Error”}else

And when the status goes to offline you know that the printer is not working. It will probably not help to find the cause but you will no faster when it is offline.
The ping option is also an option of course if that is the symptom? That the printers has no network connection?