Monitoring the number of jobs in Print queues

Hi Team,

I need to create a monitor to check number of jobs in print queue.( i.e) if the job is more than 80 i need warning alert and if the job is more than 90 i need critical alert. How can i achieve this monitor ? any help please

Looks like its not in the pack by default. only job errors and such are there.
You could create a new pack for Custom Print server monitoring.
Create a new Unit monitor of type windows performance monitor with 3 states.
Target = Windows Server 2016 and 1709+ print Services Printer Queue.
For Object = Print Queue
Counter = Jobs
Instance = $Target/Property[Type=“Microsoft.Windows.Server.10.0.PrintServer.Printer”]/DeviceID$
Every 15 minutes or whatever you need.
Define thresholds for warning and critical/error level.
And maybe add something for alerting and knowledge.

If you have the Print Server mp loaded, you can go into scom authoring pane - monitors and type Print in the search bar. There will be some monitors there which serve you as a template. In Rules you will find the collection rule (which does not threshold), but you can check out target and counter there too.

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