Monitoring URL / Website with ADFS authentication

We’re moving to ADFS with SAML for SSO for all of our applications and this has created a brick wall for monitoring the actual site, as there doesn’t appear to be native support in SCOM or SquaredUp v5 for forms authentication and the two step login ( ).

Has anyone solved this problem? I doubt that we’re the only ones in this boat, especially as ADFS SSO is the gatekeeper for O365 in our use case. What I’ve found online are references to URLgenie and the possibility of PowerShell, but nobody claiming victory in ongoing years long threads.

You will be the victorious one Walt.
There are people who believe that the cloud based stuff doesnt need to be monitored. FOr some it is a service which is always up. For some it is because in many cases they can not modify settings on the backend (they just buy the SaaS and any problem is the cloud hosters problem.
Im not agreeing with those two thoughts at all, but it is often said and used that way. Could also be an excuse to get out of the problem that monitoring something you can not put an agent on and you do not own or manage either is often a wall too high to climb.
We think either URLGenie or some powershell initiated powershell or PHP code should be able to do it.

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Fully agree! When sold, the cloud is wonderful, when it breaks, those sales guys are not to be found! :smiley:

Next “option” would be to use a 3rd party to do the actual probe and have the results evaluated in SCOM for alerting. Here’s one way of doing it. I did something similar with AlertSite. The difficulty with this approach will be that there won’t be any fine details in the alert and that any changes in the webflow can break the probe → monitor.

Good Luck!