MP Auto Group Creation

I am currently creating a MP that will pull operational information into SCOM, e.g. importance, what hardware cluster the VM lives on, app name.

I am now trying to see if there is a way to configure this MP to Automatically create groups for the attributes that exist. e.g. Cluster A, Cluster B, App A, App B and the populate the computers into them. Instead of creating each group individually and being static

The reason behind this is we have a fast moving environment with new need for groups and if this could be automated would save a lot of overhead.


Any Ideas

What you’re after is a dynamic group that uses properties to evaluate if an object should be in the group.

Plenty of detail in this article:

Thanks Jelly, that part is easy enough, but i also want the groups to create themselves base on incoming information discovered, similar to how windows cluster groups are auto created.

Hi Steven,

I believe that’s covered in the Advanced Discovery module of the management pack course:

If it’s not that particular module (been a while since I watched them all) it’s definitely in there somewhere!

Ah apologies, I misunderstood!