Multi Factor Authentication

Hello All,

has anyone by any chance successfully implemented MFA for the SquaredUp web app (SCOM)?
If yes, how did you do it?

TIA - Marcus.

Hello, MFA will be great, anyone know is it possible for SqUp?

It’s not a native feature, but we’ve successfully used services like Azure App Proxy to put a layer in front of the website that has MFA enabled. If you use Azure AD and it’s federated with your on-prem domain, you can set up MFA pretty easily via that route.

Coffee break webinar covering the topic here: Webinar: Providing external access to Squared Up - YouTube

Thanks Adam, based on provided link from Coffee break webinar do you get some of notifications on your phone, which you have to accept?

Yes. At that stage it’s nothing to do with SquaredUp at all, it’s just Azure handling an Azure AD login per your tenant configuration. If you require MFA and as a user you have your phone number / authenticator app set up to receive the MFA prompts, it works just like any other Azure login.

Once you’ve logged in and passed the MFA step, the App Proxy just passes you through to SquaredUp.

Nice solution all round, and simple to configure if you’re already using Azure AD.

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