Multi homing linux agents

For the migration to scom 2019, I need to multi home my agents.
I saw that this can be done for linux and windows, but:
When uninstalling the windows machine in the old environment, everything stays working in my new scom 2919 environment.
For linux, when uninstalling the machine in the old environment, the agent wil be uninstalled completely and it will nog work anymore in the new scom 2019 environment.
Can I just delete the linux machine in place of uninstalling in the old environment?


Hi Luc,

You can multi-home a linux agent by simply having 2 mgmt servers talking to it. keep in mind to sync the SCX certs from the old and new mgmt servers as well.
Keep in mind log file monitoring doesnt work correctly, because both scom servers are trying to keep up with the logs. Other things will work. When going over to new system just in old SCOM remove the agent with a delete. no uninstall.

Thanks Bob,
I have another issue now.
Added some linux servers to my new scom 2019 environment and want to activate some tomcat monitoring. Add the instances via newjeeappserver.ps1, but they will only listed in the ‘configured applications servers’ view and not in the ‘deep monitored configurations’ view. In my old 1801 environment they will be monitored. Any idea?