Multi User Managed Subscriptions

Is there a way that a SCOM users (non administrator role) can create an subscription and allow others to viewed and edit that subscription?

We have several teams that want to setup a subscription to alert several subscribers but any of the subscribers need to be able to view & edit the subscription, not just the person who created the subscription.


I know an SCOM administrator can view & edit any subscription, maybe there is a way a SCOM administrator edit a subscription to allow multiple users to view and edit a subscription.

Hi Richard,


I am not aware if this is possible by delegation. You would have to try or perhaps someone else here has experience.


There is a guy however you build a self-service-portal for SCOM. This goes into your direction.


As far I see it presently does not offer subscriptions, but I think you could approach this idea. Chances are there, that it will be implemented. … It’s not a huge software company :wink:

Hi Richard,


I have another idea. You could leverage JEA (Just Enough Administration) to restrict required PowerShell Cmdlets that control Alerting in SCOM.

Here is a nice walk-through:


Would that help?

If you have a bit time and patience Adam Driscoll has made PowerShell Universal Dashboards, a framework which allows you to create web-apps based on PowerShell. - Very interesting stuff:


He also created the PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio which allow you to create GUIs for PowerShell with Drag & Drop more or less:

Hi Ruben, thanks for the link I’m thinking something like this might be the solution. I’ve yet to find a way to do it via powershell, “Microsoft.SystemCenter.Notifications.Internal” management pack edit or GUI. I did find this link to pull subscription details from the DB. It appear subscriptions are just rules with the category type “Notification”. My money is there is some kind of link between the owners SubscriberID and the RuleID.

I think that could help for certain users that know powershell. However we have some admins that are still just GUI admins :frowning:

Right now the current simple work around we have is a group/team will just create one shared account for creating and editing all subscriptions for their group/team. However who used that account & what they did is not tracked. But soon that should be a non issue once we roll out our PAM solution.