Nested OM groups and available metrics for dashboards


I’m a few months into an evaluation of SquaredUp in our environment. Besides resolving some OM performance isuses now that we want to share our data outside the infrastructure team, I’m running into some challenges creating a dashboard that allows app owners and senior management (not infrastructure people) to have a high level dash with useful info and then drill down for more detail on a specific “application”. I am putting application in quotes since I’m really working with computer objects that are in OM groups, not fully built out distributed apps in OM, at least not yet.

For example I created OM groups called apps, app1, app2, app3 and so forth. The numbered groups (app1, app2…) are nested in the “apps” group. In each of the numbered groups are groups for each environment - dev, test, prod - and these environment groups contain the actual computer objects for each.

Management wants a nice high level overview showing rollup status, easy enough with Tao Yang’s group health rollup MP. They also want some performance stats - cpu, memory and network metrics as well. This is where I’m running into some inconsistencies.

If for example I try to add a tile to a dash representing network bytes/sec, I cannot do this if I select one of the parent groups, only if I grab the environment group is this metric available. Other metrics such as CPU and memory seem to work as expected using the top level groups. However I seem to be running into an additional inconsistency in SqUp tiles here. If I use the performance bar graph I have the option to define the “top n” objects. If I use the Line Graph however I cannot select “top n” which can make for a very slow tile if those nested groups contain dozens of objects. I’ll add that I’m also confused why - I believe it’s the status tile - has the option for “this object” vs “relative”, “child”, and number of levels while this doesn’t appear elsewhere.

Hopefully I’ve described what I’ve been asked to demo for management well enough here. Has anyone accomplished something like this and are the limitations I’ve found in using the various tiles and OM groups something others have run into? Am i missing something simple in order to get a solid dashboard for people who are interested in applications, not infrastructure?

As i indicated at the start, I’ve been working through this over a few months (on top of my daily workload) and as such we’ve had to give up our expired trial license in favor of a CE license while we continue our evaluation. Therefore we are not going to be able to demo VADA (although we already did that for a small group so we know how it works) and are a bit limited in other tile selection. I don’t expect these limits will impact what we want to deliver though. Hopefully I’m correct there.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi John, this resource should be helpful for you - - it’s very much focused on how you get round the problem that infrastructure level information isn’t suitable for ‘top-level’ dashboards going out to managers / the business. Hope that helps