New free MP! - Monitor Apache, Tomcat and other common web services with SCOM


a new, free Management Pack is now available in the Community Catalog. - Windows.Server.Webservice.BasicWatcher.

It helps to monitor Apache, Tomcat, IIS (disabled by default) and some more.

Together with Squared Up you can get some nice figures out of your environment:

Have fun! :slight_smile:



Updated! #SCOM Management Pack for Web Services on Windows Apache, Tomcat, IIS (optional)

– New PerfCount ( RAM % of Total )

– New Properties ( Service Version & Service User )

Up to date via MP Catalog:

Sources & Binaries: GitHub - Juanito99/Windows.Server.Webservice.BasicWatcher: Monitors common webserv ices on Windows Server with SCOM

Thanks Ruben! Will try it out today :slight_smile:

Hi Ruben

Thanks for building this great pack. Unfortunately I\'ve run into some problems with it though, we have a number of Windows Servers running Apache HTTPD web server and the MP discovers these fine but then fails to obtain any performance metrics for them.

After reviewing the operations manager log on the Apache servers I can see the following warning (Event ID 252):

BasicWatcher.Collect.KPIs.ps1: On Computer for httpd found No Counter: 0

Straight after this I then see 5x Event ID 253, these indicate the script is then attempting to obtain the specific counters enabled as part of the MP.

I have limited knowledge of Apache, I have done some research into this and found some articles indicating that to obtain counters from Apache you need to enable \“Mod_Status\” module.

Can you help out with this? Thanks again for building this MP

Hi Chris,


the script does not need configuration on Apache to get the performance data. It uses some PowerShell to get process, memory and tcp-information.

Please have a try to run the script that you find here:


Use PowerShell ISE and replace:

  • $bag.AddValue with #$bag.AddValue
  • $api.LogScriptEvent with write-Host

What do you get as result?

Hi Ruben

Thanks for replying, I have done as requested and run the PowerShell script manually replacing the $bag parts. The server(s) in question are hosted on a DMZ vLAN and aren’t currently connected to a domain which is why the first part errors.

The latter parts seems to attempt to search for the metrics but the 2nd line indicates no counters were found. The servers are running Apache Web Server (httpd) 2.4.41.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Ruben, just coming back to this. Did you have any thoughts on resolving this?

From running the PS script manually it doesn’t seem to detect any Apache counters. This occurs across multiple Apache web servers, some running Windows Server 2016 and others Windows Server 2012R2.