New install hangs on Determining license status

I have a new installation where the executable runs through successfully but then upon starting the site first time it hangs on this screen…


This is before it actually loads to enter the key, I enter the scom admin account and get this so its like its stuck in between the two. The logs don’t give us much information on what its actually doing here.

Have tried this on two servers and both have the same issue, I’ve also tried multiple versions of the installer (4.x and 5.x) The servers run the scom web console and the scom console connects with no issues. This is two of four squaredup environments i’m standing up using the same configuration, the first one had no issues and comparing IIS they are setup the same.

I’m working with the amazing support team on this issue already but just in case has anyone else come across this and fixed it would love to know what worked or if anyone has another idea to try.