Hi everyone, after upgrading the jee application monitoring MP to the version for scom 2019, it seems like the newjeeappserver.ps1 script to add deep monitoring doesn’t work anymore. We need to activate the deep monitoring by this script, because our installation folder for tomcat is not the standard. With the version for 1801 of the MP, it has always be working. Returning to that mp is not possible because we have a lot of monitored tomcats and thereby dependencies, so removing of the new MP and installing the old is not possible. Is there anyone who had any idea how we can fix this? Thanks, Kind regards, Luc

Not sure it’s a great solution (reaching out to the vendor first would be my preference), but if you know what the issue is and why (or at least have a workaround). You could try making your own MP that implements just that piece of the puzzle. You’d have to create your own IDs for the components and reference the original MP.