"No Available Data" showing for CPU/memory

"No Available Data" has started showing for CPU and memory usage graphs on my dashboards. The data was showing and updating just fine about 2 days ago. Other information is displaying just fine such as hard disk space and SLA information.

Recently started an evaluation version of Squared Up. Have tried creating a new dashboard and changing the scope of the servers but seem to be unable to show this data anymore. I am not sure what to try next. Any thoughts or ideas?

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The page scope is set to multiple servers within my organization in a “list” format.

Interesting update: I changed the timeframe from 24 hours to 7 days and the graph now shows up. It looks like the data has somehow stopped being polled as of yesterday. Next thing I'm trying to find out is why the data has stopped.

On the agent that’s not collecting data anymore, in the Operations Manager event log, are there a number of 10102 events?

Thank you for all of the replies. SCOM has started to receive some “System Center Management Health Service Unloaded System Rule(s)” over the past several hours.

I firmly believe the issue is somewhere with SCOM itself at this point. Can probably close/end this thread.

I had same problem. Issue- log was full in DW database.

Hi Douglas,

Welcome to Community Answers! Let’s see if we can’t get this fixed for you so you can enjoy Squared up!

Firstly, can you confirm what your page scope is?

If you view one of the listed servers performance, can you see these metrics being populated?

To find out search for one of the servers you’ve specified and when on the server page, click View Performance in the top right. From here you may need to click “Show all” next to Favorite metrics under the server name in order to see the memory and CPU metrics.

Be sure to test if you can see data from both the time frame you are after, and a slightly extended time frame. i.e. 24 hours and 30 days. This will show if there’s an underlying issue with SCOM that needs to be addressed.

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just by chance I had the exact same issue yesterday. An agent had stopped collecting performance data (but the alerts and monitors were working). I cleared out the agent health service state folder and restarted the agent. It started collecting performance data again.

This looks like you have an issue with SCOM itself. Were this just a single agent that had stopped collecting data, we would see the other objects continue with the day to day up and down on the graph.

Can you confirm if you have any errors in the Operations Manager event long on your SCOM Management servers?

Let us know if you Figure out what the issue is, this thread has been really helpful!

I’ve had this before. A look in the OperationsManager event log on the management server reveals it pretty quickly (it happens at the beginning of all the red!)