No performance data available

Hi together,

i don’t get any data for my performance Dashboards. Can sombody tell me the reason for this? For the Windows Server Group it works fine, but for all the other Groups there is no data available.

For examble if i choose SQL Server 2016 Computers there are no metrics available.

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Do you have the SQL Management Packs installed in your environment, or do you have any servers running SQL 2016?

Of course we have got many SQL Servers running the SQL MPs are installed and the Monitoring works fine. Only the performance data is not available.

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I’m assuming the following:

  1. the group contains the windows computer objects of servers running SQL 2016
  2. the metric you are looking for is a windows computer objects metric

Can you screenshot your dashboard config?

So here is the screenshot of some DB-Configs. Disk Space and Server CPU seems to be Windows Server Metrics...but what about the User Connections for examble.

If you’re a Squared Up customer then i’d suggest dropping them a line on [email protected] - they are always super helpful :slight_smile:

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Does your scope contain “SQL Server 2016 Computers” in the group field?

Have you validated the membership of that group, that it is populating Windows Server objects correctly?

If it is populating Windows server objects, have you checked one of those servers to see if it is displaying logical disk - % free space data correctly from a SCOM performance report?

Like u can see in the Picture the SQL Server 2016 Computers are scoped in the group field.

But there is another Problem now. On my overview page the data of the following Dashboard does not refresh:

Every Day the same data.