Office 365 Monitoring

Hi All,

I am looking to deploy a dashboard using SquaredUp for our Office 365 status. I have imported the Office 365 management pack in our SCOM environment but it looks like the Service Status, Active Incidents, Resolved Incidents and Message Center are not showing any of the data from our Office 365 admin portal.

Does anyone have any good documentation on how to configure this? I’m not sure if the Azure Web settings are not set up properly or if there is an issue with something else?


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Have you followed this guide?

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I got it talking to Office 365 now which is good news! However, when I import the Office 365 dashboard and navigate to the Office 365 subscription - it shows all of the Services but with Grey Question marks next it. Has anyone managed to find a solution for this?

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I gave up on it and it’s more of a curiosity now. I was really unimpressed by it.

It doesn’t seem to reflect the health state of O365. I was trying to mirror the MS dashboard for relevant services. I could only get health of the Subscription itself, which is not very useful. I want to see if Exchange or Sharepoint is impacted.

The best I can get out of it is notifications when services are impacted. But it would throw a critical alert for if a service had a problem, and a critical alert when the service was resolved, which is a bit weird.

We have made all alerts informational now. Health state would not change though.

If I look in the SCOM dashboard, I can see active incidents, but I haven’t found how to display this in SquaredUp. But that doesn’t affect Health status, so I can’t have red/green tiles for the services we use.

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To be honest, Microsoft does a very light work with this management pack. I have the same questions… Why not to give Service status in SCOM… It\'s amazing…


Is someone find a solution to it?





If you login to the 365 portal with the same user that you have used to connect to 365 in scom can you see all info correctly then?

Have you looked at this managementpack?
I have not tried it myself but it looks promising.

Looks interesting, but I suspect the cost is quite high and will be a hard sell to management just to get a dashboard to show health states.
I did write a powershell script a while back to pull back O365 info - more of an experiment and nothing for practical use. I’m now thinking I may be able to use it with the squaredUp PS MP to create a health state dashboard.

@Darren Joyce, did you ever get the powershell dashboard working?

To be honest Robert I put it on the backburner. I got swamped end of last year with workload :frowning: