OMS outside SCOM scope

Hi, just wondering if anybody is pulling data from OMS that is not in the scom scope?

Thinking about getting some of the key data from our running Azure web apps that I have integrated into OMS into the squared up portal. Though cant seem to find a way to use the existing squared up OMS integration to pull this data down.

Anybody fooled around with this?


In short, no – You cannot view data for objects that are not monitored in both OMS and SCOM.

Squared Up uses SCOM’s RBAC prior to accessing data from OMS. This allows users some control over the data they pull down (OMS doesn’t have any RBAC’s that I’m aware of).

Trouble is, this restricts the data pulled down to only objects that are monitored by SCOM.

Perhaps this is a feature request for Support.

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Anyone tried using the webApi plugin?

Huh… When the simple things pass us by. All Squared Up does is query the API, so it’s entirely possible that this is an option!