OMS Tile -Limitations on the type of queries you can use?

Now that I have the OMS connection configured for my SquaredUp environment, I’m trying to create some dashboards. What I am finding is that the dashboard keeps giving me a “syntax error” for the OMS queries I am trying to use. The only queries I seem to be able to pull are the most simplest/basic kind. Any kind of query that uses any sort of visualization or aggregation seems to come back with that syntax error.


Is there any documentation on what kind of queries can be embedded within a dashboard? Also, I think it would be helpful if the existing documentation were updated to reflect the new Kusto language now that the old query language has been deprecated.

Are you trying to use the new ‘Kusto’ language with the tile? It only supports the old query language (thought it can query upgraded workspaces).

When you say “visualization” - Are you trying to get it to display in a bar/donut? Only tabular and scalar are currently supported.