On Demand Tile PowerShell Table format problem

It seems like the On Demand Tile (Grid) with output Powershell Table doesn’t format the output very well.

Here is the command:
Get-EventLog -LogName $Logname -EntryType $EntryType | select TimeGenerated, Source, Message -First $Top | Format-Table -AutoSize)


Squared Up

There are two much whitespace between the different columns, leaving the message column truncated.

Have tried to change the output (Wrap for instance) in different ways but nothing that looks good in Squared Up. Anyone have experience in this?

There seems like it should be a way to handle the output better in the On Demand Tile.

I’ll answer my own question. Opened up a support case.

It seems at the moment the tile cant handle the output that well. This is currently work in progress and it should come an update on the grid handling accordning to Squared Up.

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How does it look if you remove the auto-size?

No difference